Coffee Lovers

That beautiful, rich aroma you smell before you put that mug up to your lips just makes you feel all fuzzy inside but when you taste the savory flavors, it feels as if heaven?

It’s my heaven most mornings. I personally am a coffee lover myself and I’m sure I’m one of millions. It’s a perfect way to start my day.  The time I get to take to really take to visualize my day and do some deep breathing.

However, I didn’t realize how detrimental normal “inorganic” coffee can be to my health.

Coffee is one of the most over pesticide ridden foods containing harsh chemicals and preservatives. It also can be very acid to the body.  After I learned this, every time I drank coffee I felt guilty and “poisoned” so I made the switch to organic coffee and couldn’t be happier 🙂

So check out this article for a little more insight on what really is in a cup of joe.


Happy Reading my coffee lovers 🙂



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