Cancer is not the end.

Cancer is diagnosed more now than ever.

It almost is becoming a trend…how scary is that.

It’s not fair that so many families and friends are losing loved ones because of it.

If someone has cancer, that means their body is already under functioning and weak, yet almost all patients are recommended to go through chemotherapy and radiation that further destroy the body.

Sure chemo, kills the cancer cells but it kills your HEALTHY cells.  Furthermore, destroying your immune system which in return lets the cancer really get a lead.

Not only that, cancer is fed by sugar.  So wouldn’t you think by removing sugar from the diet you could stop the growth of cancer?

Yet, in hospitals there is not ONE word said about removing sugar, they actually feed sugar to the cancer patients!


People HAVE healed themselves of cancer by changing their diet & lifestyles.

So why exactly isn’t it widely known that changing your diet & lifestyle could heal from cancer?

Hmm…cancer is one of the biggest money making businesses.  The big corporations wouldn’t be making millions and people would be healthy & happy, now that just doesn’t make sense, right?

It is totally repulsive how cancer has become all about money. It SHOULD be lets heal this person anyway we can so they can go back to normal functioning life and be full of energy! Instead, let’s inject them with chemo, make them feel miserable, & they’ll probably end up dying earlier than without all the treatment anyway.

Dr. Mercola makes a very good point in this article.


I’m very passionate about this topic.  It hurts so much to see families losing their loved ones, when really they could still be around living a happy & healthy life.  I want people to see the corruption in our healthcare system well rather “sick care”.



I am not a doctor or making any recommendations.  This is all my own opinion.



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