Fashion Trends I Hate and Love

I’m going to start with a fashion trend I hate.  But then again I don’t know if I really hate any fashion trend.  If anything it’s when guys wear bagging pants and let their boxers show.  I feel it’s so trashy.  Like just pull up your pants, we really don’t want to see your underwear!

Now fashion trends I love, there are quite a few.  I love love love boots! I want these Steve Madden boots really bad.  With fall on its way I’m am so excited to wear boots! Along with them, I love my scarves.  I have wayy too many.  I need a new way to display them because right now they are shoved in a my dresser ( I’m not proud of that or I would have taken a picture of my beautiful scarves).

Another fashion trend I love is the Ray Ban looking classes.  I’ve had multiple pairs and just love them!  However, one day when I have a little more income I would actually like to invest in an actually pair of Ray Ban’s.  Then again, I’m good at losing my glasses and would probably lose them too.

Let me know what fashion trend you hate and love!



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