I Am Passionate About Making People Happy

Day 5 of the Blog-tember Challenge

Well as the title says I’m passionate about making people happy.  I’ve always been a people pleaser.  Ever since I can remember I worried about other people and their feelings.  I would make sure everyone was okay before me.

In high school, I was president of Student Council and would always be asking the student body what they liked or wanted to see.  I tried my hardest to make all the students happy, however it’s pretty much impossible.  Even with friends and family, I loved putting lots of effort into gifts or surprises just so I could see their happiness reaction.  Working at a health food store for the past few years, I’m learning I can truly bring out happiness in people.  I can make recommendations or give them insights about their health.   I can feel so much gratitude and really see a change in someone.  They can thank me over and over again and see them glow.  I remember one specific customer came in and I gave her a probiotic because she was having stomach issues.  A few weeks later, she came in and said she felt amazing and for the first time in years she could eat spaghetti! I felt so good and knew I was in the right field.  I know choosing to be a holistic health coach is the right choice.  I get to help others become healthier & happier individuals.

Bringing others happiness, brings me happiness!


What are you passionate about?


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