Day in the Life

Sept 20th: Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

Well let’s see here I usually start my day by checking emails, blog, and Facebook.  Go over my planner for the day. Then, I’ll go for a walk usually.
photo 1 (3)


Next, I usually do my blog post for the day and get ready for work.  My routine includes oil pulling while putting coconut oil on as a moisturizer, putting product in my hair by Giovanni, doing my makeup, and then blowing drying my hair.

Tuesday-Saturday I go to work.  On my off days my schedules a little different.  Like today, I’m off work to go to the Globathon in Madison, WI to help a classmate at a booth.  I’m very excited!

I’m also currently doing the Vintage Remedies Essential Oils class that I got through the Ultimate Living Healthy Bundle!

photo 3 (4)

Last night, I got the mail and found this little package!  I was so happy! I had a feeling and thought I have to check the mail, my energy was pulling me there.  Well, low and behold, my energy knew why!

photo 2 (2)


 What’s it like in a day of your life?



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